Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dating? We don't do that in Serbia!

So, there was that american girl I met in my early US days. I had an instant crush! We went to a movie, had a glass of wine and things were quite smooth. But the next day she was very distant, especially in public.

I wondered if I was doing something wrong. Things weren't as I was used to. Maybe she didn't take me too seriously because everything happened so fast?

Some things don't happen that fast back home. You have to break your back to ask a girl out. You have to prove that you're charming, witty, have a job, a car, great sense of humor, your own place, fat wallet... Well, some of those sounded shallow, but you see my point. Serbian girls are NOT willing to give you a chance just like that.

But once you go out on a "date", you would have to be a complete douchebag to mess things up! First kiss and you already are A COUPLE. You are "going out". No "dating". Because dating means that you can date other people at the same time, see what works for you best. In Serbia? Noooooo... A girl would probably decapitate you if she sees you with another girl.

And that's what I didn't know about american girls. I thought we were a couple, while she was just testing me, I guess...

Some things you learn the hard way. Fortunately, I learned the ways of dating quite fast and developed my own hybrid of American and Serbian dating. There were no complaints so far :)